SKILLMAN PROJECT – Erasmus+ Programme  (skillman.euis promoted by a network of leading organizations (Business leaders) in partnership  with research centres, Vocational Education Training providers VET and accreditation bodies. It has designed Joint European Curricula matching the competencies and skills requirements arising from recent trends in the transport sector adopting ICT (Information Communication Technology) and open educational resources. SKILLMAN has identified skills and training demands and designed Joint Curricula programmes and VET programmes in the field of ICT, Robotics and Composite Materials in the Transport sector based on learning outcomes, approach and quality assurance framework (European VET system and transparency tools – EQAVET, ECVET and EQF).

The overarching  goal of the SKILLMAN project is  to develop new curricula in  the three fields (ICT, Robotics and Composite Materials in the Transport sector) enabling VET representatives and practitioners working in  skills requirements in the field of Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector to exchange views and information with the business world and representatives from both large as well as small and medium sized companies.

SKILLMAN partners


Tknika is a centre promoted by the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Education and Training of the Education Department of the Basque Government.

Innovation and applied research are at the core of Tknika in its ongoing efforts to place Basque Vocational Training at the European forefront. Tknika is modelled after some of the world’s most advanced vocational training centres.

Through networking and direct involvement by the Basque Vocational Training teaching staff, the Centre develops innovative projects in the areas of technology, education and management.